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A Teenager Writing on Medium

There’s a lot to say… and I am not shy when I am writing on this platform

Vritant Kumar
3 min readSep 23, 2023


People write diaries and journals. I don’t. I can count on my left hand the times I’ve made a streak of penning something down what I’d like to call a ‘dear diary’.

It’s just a scribble here or a line there; but seldom is it a full-fledged, page-long write-up.

I don’t do that. I confess this because earlier I thought that just writing it down helps. Maybe.

But what helps more is giving a structure to it, a flow.

I think Medium has helped me the most in doing that. Over the years, I have found solace on this platform, whenever I need it the most.

Look, I am not a complete introvert. But I am a big-time one when it comes to my most heartfelt topic.

I would seldom talk about it. I prefer to write. And writing on Medium is like addressing a letter to the void. I love it.

I will never get to meet most of you, ever. We may have interactions in the comment section, but encounter IRL? I am not sure.

Maybe get to meet only a couple of you reading, if ever. And I’d be eternally grateful for the same, whenever that happens.

What I want to say is that this portal of randomness—even with my authentic name and profile picture — is the perfect place where I am able to express myself, without compromising on the details or fearing what someone would think of me.

But that’s not all. Medium, over the years, has also given me the opportunity to explore my curious side.

I have discovered brilliant writers, publications and stories. I have explored my love for writing. This is the place where it all started, a couple of years ago.

Medium has played many roles for me.

Of a diary.
Of a productivity calendar.
Of an assignment notebook.

Here are a couple of stories published in one of the biggest pubs on Medium (around writing), The Writing Cooperative:



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