For the Very First Time, I Saw My Article Trending in a Topic

And I’m like “Hell! That’s crazy! OMG!” Maybe I’ve gone mad. 🤯😅

Screenshot by me.

As you might be familiar that I’m writing a series of stories titled “A 15-Year-Old’s Take On...

What? You didn’t know? (Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It’s very likely that you don’t.)

Here’s the introductory story that I wrote. Give it a read to know all about it and what can you expect.

Did it catch your fancy?

If yes, you can read all the stories in this mini-series in serial order in this list. Happy Reading ☺️❤️

“A 15-Year-Old’s Take On” Series

11 stories
A picture of a man
Illustration of a boy thinking

And here’s the article that’s on the Trending page of ‘This Happened To Me’ tag right now. ☺️❤️

I don’t know how but I’m jumping with happiness. If you haven’t read it already, do give this one a read. I hope you’ll find some value out of it.

The next article in this series drops in 4 hours. Stay tuned.

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just a random 16-year-old boy. 5x medium top-writer.

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Vritant Kumar

Vritant Kumar

just a random 16-year-old boy. 5x medium top-writer.

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