If Medium Can Make a Typo Then Why Can’t We?

The article is just for fun; not intended to insult or criticise ☺

Vritant Kumar


of, or, by, hey, i’m shy :)

Writing and editing numerous stories has made me almost adamant about typos. I can’t bear them.

I make a lot of them myself, but the point is, I catch them easily when I am reading something.

I want to correct it if I can, but most of the time, I can’t. So I simply pass them taking a mental note to not commit the same mistake myself, especially if it’s a common one.

The above little mistake above (see the cover picture) is from Medium’s Android app’s Settings tab.

(Medium Staff, if you’re reading this, here’s what your next app update needs to edit. No big deal, but ‘or’ would be better, I think.)

This made me muse a little about our imperfect perfections. I like that word for no specific reason.

We writers obsess over quality. But at the same time, mistakes are bound to happen. What’s in our control is to always appreciate the craft and keep reinventing to become better versions of ourselves.

Just like X updates, and so do Instagram and Medium, we need to constantly update ourselves too. Not to become cool or sound aesthetic, the ultimate point is simply for the sake of betterment and growth.

P.S. It’s the first time I have found any mistake — not intending or anticipating that I would ever find it — in the official writings or copy of Medium. Consider it an innocent way of documenting, and not pointing out someone’s mistake or becoming a Grammar Nazi lol.

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