My First + My Most Popular Story On This Platform

And I invite you to share yours too. 😊❤🧡

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Lately, I wanted to interact more with you guys and that’s why I come up with this idea. Hope I would bother no one and we all can enjoy a little and go down the memory lane, maybe to a retrospective exploration. 😊❤

So, what are we going to do? As the title proposes and subtitle makes it clear, everyone who takes part needs to write an article and link two of their stories:

One should be the first story you posted on this platform and the second should be your most popular one to date.

To make it sound more relational and alive, you can react to those two of them. How were you feeling when you wrote them? How your first story is making you nostalgic (if you’re writing on Medium for a long time) or how much you’ve improved since? Anything. Just speak your heart out.

Plus tag your favourite pals here on Medium—a writer you read every story of, your real-life friend, your favourite supporter who reads everything you write and takes out time to comment every single time…

This way, we can promote two of our most special stories in an awesome and friendly way. So that is it! Let’s all have some fun. 😊✨🧡🎉😉❤

Here’s my entry:

My first story on Medium is this one—

Umm… I don’t think I now agree with everything I wrote in that article, but since it’s the very first (and the special) one, I will not change anything. Also, I wrote and published it directly from my tablet so I could not credit the picture source. Honestly, I just knew there was something called a publication but had absolutely no idea what it was and how it worked. Thanks, Zulie Rane, for your YouTube channel is a boon for Medium newbies.

I didn’t know that this story could be a start to so many new things. I honestly didn’t… I’m just grateful to my past self.

And my most popular one is this one—

I just wanted to talk about this competition as I thought it wasn’t getting the attention and publicity it needed and I could not find someone talking about it in any writing community on Twitter or Medium. You have to translate their website—it’s easy with Google—from Spanish to English and I think that was one of the reasons behind that competition not getting all that buzz.

I genuinely didn’t expect this article to blow up like this.

It has got a whooping 3.5K views and it’s kind of a viral post for me 😂😊

But what surprises me more is that, out of that 3.5K, 3.2K are internal views. 🤯🤯🤯 I might have made a pretty decent amount through this article if the Medium Partner program was available in India as well. Just saying. No problem. Hope it will, one day!

Screenshot by me.

One more thing I’d like to make clear is that THIS IS NOT A CLICK-BAIT. I’ve talked about a genuine writing competition here which is organized by a Foundation based in Spain.

Official dates to apply has passed but they have extended the submission deadline so you may want to check that out.

Here are those I want to nominate (anyone can take part; it’s just me nominating my favs):

My Twitter besties who are rocking on Medium: Dr. Preeti Singh, Nikki Waterson, Isabel Abril, The Silent Wave, Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

I love their publication and they’re truly fab editors: Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Squeeze the Avocado, Josh Balerite Acol

Regular contributors to my publication, theMUSINGS: Sara Cansino, Ashley, Sara Burdick, Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva, Soumya Doshi

I read you guys extensively: Burk, Kristina God, Jolie A. Doggett

I’ll just be jumping on my bed if you guys found it interesting enough to participate, just ideals of mine: Tom Kuegler, Zulie Rane, Tim Denning, J.J. Pryor, Nicolas Cole, Tim Ferriss, Shannon Ashley

Please don’t forget to tag me so I cannot miss that article by any chance—I want to read it bad enough :)

If you’re new to Medium, you can access your first story and your most popular one through your stats page. Just scroll down to the bottom of all your stories to find your oldest one and just click on the “Views” option and it’ll show the most viewed one.

When you click on that “views” option, it’ll arrange your story as per command. Snap by me, VRITANT.

You can also link this article so everyone can see the detailed info or you can just summarize it into your article.




just a random 16-year-old boy. 5x medium top-writer.

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Vritant Kumar

Vritant Kumar

just a random 16-year-old boy. 5x medium top-writer.

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