Wait, What?! My Most Popular Article Has More Views Than My Most Viewed Month

And that makes me happy and sad at the same time.


Lately, I was just hopping around on my stats page and noticed something interesting.

That my most popular article had more views than my most viewed month.

I was ecstatic enough to not plan any outline for this article and jump straight in.

Month v/s Article

Story’s stats. Screenshot by me.

Here’s the snap from my stats page showing my most popular article, The Easiest Way To Write An Article Every Day, which currently stands at 12,300+ views.

Comparatively, my most popular month was October (approx.) with 12,243 views.

Most popular month’s stats. Screenshot by me.

And after that month my views started to plummet. Why? Because I quit writing on Medium—for two months straight.

And here’s how much dip in views I saw as the result.

And honestly, seeing this makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Happy that one of my articles got so much views and claps and comments.

And sad because I missed that growth momentum when I quit amidst the scenario where I was seeing increase in my numbers.

But that’s okay, cause…well, another lesson learnt.

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Vritant Kumar

Vritant Kumar


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