Simplicity is Rare; Complexity is Ubiquitous

As far as thoughts are concerned, and hence true for the actions as well.

Glowing neon lines illuminating in darkness.

We love making things complex, unnecessarily.

If’s and but’s are omnipresent in our every thought.

What if…
What if not…

But it’s not that simple ‘cause…
But what if it does not happen…

All we need to view things that are simple as simple or to break down things that are complex into simple ones is some time to reflect, and not hurry to take action.

It’s interesting how many things around us are a lot simpler than we think.
And how many more things there are—that might be complex—that can be broken down into simpler ones, given some time of focused attention.

Life. Study. Career. Relationships. Money. Love.

Over-thinking is seldom helpful, if ever.

Reality is highly subjective—you can make it as simple as you want or as complex as you want.

That’s completely your choice.

PS: Just a random (unrefined) thought; I might well be wrong.



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Vritant Kumar

Vritant Kumar

I write about things I know, I don’t know and I’d have never known had I not written about them. 6x top writer and a 16-year-old