Thank You, Dearies ❤😊🧡

To all of my 300 lovely followers.

Vritant Kumar
6 min readOct 10, 2021
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I have no words. Honestly.

Thank you so much, everyone. Every — single — one — of — you. You mean a lot to me. ❤❤❤

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…I’m VRITANT and I’m just a random 15-year-old who loves to call himself a writer.

I started writing here on Medium in July 2021 but it was not until September 2021 that I started to write continuously.

It’s all fun writing on this platform, reading other talented writers, engaging and building a community. Thanks to Medium and all of you. You guys are just fabulous. ❤

And one more thing: I use a lot of emojis. 😊
I’ve started using them recently though.

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…to tell you that I’ve reached 300 followers fam milestone.

The Biggest of Thank You To Y’all. ❤❤❤

I’ve never expected that so thanks for giving your love and support. Means the world to a 15-year-old. I genuinely love this community and with so many amazing writers to learn from.

Let’s play a fun game where I’d ask random questions to a group of people and you’ve got to answer them, if you are in that group, in the comment section below.

So find where are you and answer that question. Hope it’ll be fun. You can just play around and answer any question if they make you jump with excitement to answer it. Go, have fun. Enjoy!

Ready? Let’s go!

Just tell me anything random… can be weird, special, emotional, cringe, dreamy, anything!
You guys are super special and I love you on Twitter as well:
The Silent Wave, Nina Hahn, Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu, Nikki, Michele Grieve, Briddy, Rita Duponty, Susanne, Kavya Janani. U, Laura Knapke, Dr. Preeti Singh, Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她), Rachel, Isabel Abril, Pratibha Mohanty

What's that one book which I’ll always find on your shelf?
Bucketful Read, Llewellyn (Lou) Daniels, Darrin Atkins, Dahvid Mutua, Michael Hauser, Matt Middleton, Denis Trbara, Dawn Gernhardt, Poet from Basement, Nick Cordovano, Al Marín, Rajeev Mudumba, Claudia Sinbel, Candice Galek, John F. Middleton, Alisha Ingram, Nawaf Radwan, Abdul Rashid Sani, Marian Nanney, Divyansh Raghuvanshi, Kruti Kanaskar

I’m what is exactly to the left of you right now. What am I?
Nellie N, Jodian Marie Thomas, MS, Bsc, Asc, Carel Kolchinski, Rolas Najera, Joshua Gane, Alison McBain, Keith Don, BichoDoMato, Winfred Joy, Adriana Vazquez, Carla Mino, Michael Vargas, Mackenzie Plunkett, Catherine Clark, Health, Rori Grover, Brad, Manesh Kumar, Rose CG, Mo G, Justjulieandherblog, Tree Langdon, Dr Mehmet Yildiz

The nearest edible thing to you is your kryptonite. What are you saying “No” to if you don’t wanna get hurt?
ireri Moses, Alexander Cook, iENdY, Janet Meisel, CJ Evans, Amjad Nadeem, Brett Millan, Samuel Kenneth Kauffman, Angel Padilla, Arman Forozeh, Suma Ajeesh, Ariana J Coolan, Muhammad Khairul, Timothy Kincaid, Merri Evans, Alexander Bentley, Darren Ray, Dorin Cojocariu, Edvin Zuckovs, Dominique Lorrell Fortune

If you woke up tomorrow to be the NYT bestselling author, whom will you tell first, given no one knows that yet?
Pia Vermaak, Nidash, Judith Moran, James Cussen, Rachael Ann Siciliano, Aceline Lavanya, C Kristy, Clement Brian, Ann Marie Steele, Kristy Westaway, Jan Sebastian, Dan J, bradley flora, Theclubhouse Chronicles, Manoj Kumar, Justiss Goode, Raksana N., Samreen Bashir, Sabina, Ananya Malladi

Calculate how many days you’ve lived. Can you believe that?
J.R. Sonder, Jminwork, Chibuzor Ujunwa, imrana hayat, Luther Thomas Jr, Amri Deen, Christopher Hyer, JM Heatherly, Bob Merckel, Evolver, Larry Gray, Tunnel Books, author and creator, Francis Edwards, Jay Allen, Timothy Pecoraro, Jasper Han, Melica Francis, Călina Mureșan, Meggan Barraza, Gill McCulloch, Peter Andrew Edwards

You can only choose one:

— your favourite book and unlimited coffee
 — vacation with your crush/partner
 — dream job with double salary
 — No obligations for the rest of your life
Peter_sDreams, Ridha.M.B, Acbarsadat, Angel Vaughan, Dennis Steppenwolf, Spyder Darling, Lina Secret, Keegan Manton, Emy Deshotel, J.R. Locke, Anjali Udasi, Hotse Langeraar, Marrisa W., Ruby Layram, Michele Baumgardner, Owen Coffey, Sue Moseley, Andru, Allison Fleck, Andrew Rodwin,

You’ve won a lottery worth $1,000,000 but you can buy only 2 things with that. What you’d bring home?
Franco Amati, Amanda Stacks, Joe Merkle, Divine Silva, Dave Richards, Christian Taylor, Nini Mal, Stephanie Stephenson, John Reel, Karen DeGroot Carter, Susan Wheelock, Janice Eastman, Meliha Avdic, Stephen Charles, Maryam Ihsan, Clément Bourcart, SUMET NUONGPHO, Rajesh Krishnamurthy BE(Mech) PGDBM, Un Swede, Krystal Mossbarger,

You can go on a world tour with anyone for free. Any celebrity, influence, singer, player… well, anyone! With whom I can expect to see your photos on Instagram?
Haiku Poetry, Laurianne Muzangisa, Sean Peck, Jessica Wolf, Wahyu Brilliant, ApsaraK, Andawn F., Ed Chuchaisri, Malcolm Keithley, Nick Nolan, Stephanie Malka, A Fasanmi, Margaret Lepera, Victory Ukachukwu, Bashir Khan, Lucky Brain, Melinda Asztalos, Chrissie Marie Massey, Dazzling Shene, Daniella Cressman, The Good Men Project

You have 3 brand new iPhone 13 (okay iPhone 13 Pro. Happy?) and you have to gift them all. Who are those happiest people on earth?
Jose Antonio Ribeiro Neto (Zezinho), Rose Bak, Jane Fazackarley, David Perlmutter, John Walter Raney 1st, C.A. Martinez, Melissa Steussy, Tasmia Sharmin, MBA, Technology Hits, Ange Ingabire, Dinah Wolf, Julie Green, Library Thug, CARMEN F MICSA, Sher bano wahab, Sultan Saiful, Abhi H, Quean Mo, Kulkelaphimprakay, Marina Zherebnenko

You are Elon Musk. What’s the next tweet?
Leonard, A. R. Chaudhary, H. X. T. Vu, Coyote Susan, Laasya Kannepalli, Debra Peoples, Elias Netshilavulu, Rohit Abhimanyukumar, Caitlin McColl, Paul Kimote, Arius Tunio, Nigia Stephens, Tom D., A. E. Engle, Narda Maren, Varun Saxena, Peggy Chang, Med Reader, Antonio Segovia, Saurabh, ILLUMINATION

Your favourite character from Harry Potter (except for Harry Potter)
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Why would you not bunk whichever class you did not bunk in your high school? Tell me, tell me, secrets are unfolding!
Abbymoorestories, Sorin Voiculescu, Gunjanku, mohammad sharique farooqi, Ryan Moran, BSN, RN, Saracansinofdezz, Emil Carlsson, Garry Leon Vaughn, Sara Cansino, Gladys R. Bates, Jacopo Mulini, Yuko Tamura, Arthur Dewson, Harlow Journey, Brigitte Ganger, Izzy Hernandez, Kiloprofits, Maryam Fatima, Helen Anderson, Kate Strong, Checkmate11

First social media app you used? Facebook? MySpace? What was that
Karen Kaye, Waldo Otis, Jordan Cundiff, William Scott, Simona Rosso, Laura Vorreyer, Life & Lifestyle, The Soulful Scribbler, Nicholas H. Simpson, Jpharoahdoss, As, Samantha Scott, Gwang Jin Kim, Shivam Gehlot, elena vellani, Yasmin Glinton, Adriianna Lagorio, Gregs Wain, Aiswarya Chandrashekar, African Rebel

A philosophical one — Is Love Life?
DrSurbhi Pandey, Christian A. Schröder, Ilana Lydia, Molly Headley, Michele Ebner, Heather Mathews, Gabrielle Mastronardo, Ron Whitehead, Ali Raza, Liyah B, Susan Smith-Harmon, Randy Salars, Jim Stump, Noah Nelson, Renato Francia, Jason Morton, Aloysius Ho, Andrée J. Khoury, Elisabete Gonçalves da Silva,

What were you doing in your weirdest dream?
Poetic Therapy, Aman Habib, Prince Nyamekye, Kumalaba, Keith Chen, Shannon Hugman, Andrea Knott, Oromiyaagudditti, Daniel Drago, Glenn Brown, Marilyn Glover, Art Lu, Hamsalekha, Alayne Unterberger, Leeann Pennington M.ed LPC, Christina M. Ward, Nancy Blackman, Ravyne Hawke, Tina Celentano, Aemen Farooq

Before saying you the final Goodbye, I’d like to tell you about my new publication: theMUSINGS. As the name, we’d publish those random fleeting musings of yours. You can read more here and comment to get added as a writer:

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